Cosmetic dentistry has changed the face of dentistry. While nice looking restorations have been available in dentistry for several decades, it has only been in the last several years that the materials and techniques have evolved into a reliable and long lasting solution to countless esthetic dental needs.

The following pictures are actual cases treated with a variety of modalities.

This lady was very embarrassed to smile due to the discolored fillings, cracks, chips, and stains.

With veneers, her smile was awakened! She now smiles openly, without covering her mouth when she laughs. Her lip is still numb from treatment.

This young adult was self-conscious of the gap between her front teeth. She wanted a minimally invasive procedure that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

With only two cosmetically bonded white composite fillings, this patient was ecstatic. Look at what a huge difference this simple procedure made! The best part is that this young lady will benefit from this for many years.

This patient was unhappy with her smile. Specifically, she didn’t like the uneven smile line, and wanted to do something about the stains.

With veneers, the uneven and crooked teeth were cosmetically corrected. Because a smooth surface replaced her teeth, future staining will be minimal.

This patient always wanted to close the gap between her front teeth. She was also conscious about the chipping on her front teeth.

The space was closed, and a natural, unchipped smile was created with only four veneers.

For her entire adult life, this patient was embarrassd to smile due to the obvious space and crookedness of her front teeth.

With six veneers, a brilliant and even smile was achieved. The self confidence of this patient was dramatically increased.

These small spaces between the front teeth were the result of orthodontics. This patient wanted a non-invasive way of closing these spaces.

With cosmetic composite bonding, these spaces were closed with little to no tooth reduction.

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