The greatest advancement in the modern era of dentistry is the dental implant. While it is useful in replacing missing teeth, the most dramatic and significant usage is in implant overdentures.

Implant overdentures have changed the lives of thousands of individuals, especially those who had traditional lower dentures. While an upper denture tends to have sufficient stability, the lower denture is more commonly referred to as a “floater.” Without regular and large quantities of denture adhesive, the lower denture is unstable in most situations.

Dental Implants allows the lower denture to snap into place, restoring normal biting forces and greatly improving the comfort of chewing and the cleanliness of the lower denture. Imaging eating steak again! Or what about fresh vegetables? For most patients, implant overdentures can restore a healthy, high fiber diet. In addition, implant overdentures can give a denture wearer back a feeling of predictability, especially in social situations, such as a restaurant or at church.

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Left: These implants can be used the day they are placed.
Right: These are gaskets that hold the denture on the implant heads.

Left: These implants can be placed at the same time that teeth are extracted. However, 2-6 months of healing must take place before they are used. These are the most durable implants available.
Right: These retainers are easy to clean and last a long time.