Traditionally, orthodontists have used braces with brackets and wires to create pressure that moves your teeth to straighten your smile. These braces apply force to the tooth that allows the orthodontist to move the tooth in the preferred direction. With advancements in dental technology, invisible aligners are the new alternative to do just the same!

By using invisible aligners, you won’t have to use unsightly metal brackets to get a beautiful, healthy smile. Plus, with clear aligners, you can remove them to eat food, brush your teeth, floss, or go without them during special occasions. 

Many dentists have turned to large corporations to provide aligner therapy, but here at Modern Dentistry, we have brought the technology in-house to offer faster, more customizable results for our patients. This means that we can take impressions, create a treatment plan, make your aligners right in our office, and make invisible aligners more affordable and convenient than ever before. 

How Treatment Works

During your consultation, we will assess your teeth to determine if clear aligners are the right option for you. Depending on the crowding, misalignment, and movement needed, aligner therapy can take between six months to two years — a lightning-fast alternative to braces. 

We will take x-rays as well as impressions of your teeth for your first mold. By using this mold, we program our aligner therapy technology to determine just how many retainer adjustments (known as adjustment trays) you will need to get straight, beautiful teeth. 

If you have considered invisible aligners, contact us today at (630) 466-7445 (Sugar Grove) or (630) 553-2505 (Yorkville) to learn more.