When people think about cosmetic dentistry, they don’t think about complete dentures. At Modern Dentistry we believe that some of the greatest cosmetic dental transformations are with lifelike complete dentures. We have the privilege of working with Matrix Dental Laboratory, a company that produces the highest quality dentures with a level of artistry that is unmatched. These dentures take months to fabricate and come at a higher cost than common dentures. The following pictures of actual cases treated with these custom dentures will show that they are worth every penny.

This patient was unhappy with her existing complete denture. Specifically, she did not like the stained, chipped teeth, and she was unhappy with the way the gum line showed excessively on her left side (right side of picture).

The final complete denture mimicks nature in a way that makes it impossible for even a dentist to know that these teeth are dentures. Notice how the chips and stains are gone and should not return. Also, the smile line has been corrected on her left side (right side of picture). The teeth we use in our final dentures are the highest end available. Note the way that the light reflects off of the teeth and off of the gums. The plastic that is used for the gums actually has no pink fibers in the visible portions. Through artistry, a clear plastic is used to bounce the light in a natural fashion. These teeth are truly beautiful.

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