While silver fillings are still used in dentistry, white fillings, or composites have really proven themselves to be durable and beautiful. Most patients who have had fillings will have at least one silver filling. While these restorations are functional they tend to corrode over time and begin to look dark. In addition, they may stain the tooth and in some cases, they may even cause cracks to form and get worse in a tooth.

White fillings have two main advantages over silver fillings: 1) they actually stick to the tooth similar to the way glue sticks to wood, and 2) they are cosmetically superior to silver restorations. At Modern Dentistry, we will still use silver fillings in areas that are not visible, or when it is the only material that will last a long time.

The pictures are actual cases treated with a variety of white filling materials.

This patient was unhappy with the darkness that sometimes showed when she talked. Also, she wanted a cosmetic option to the darkening silver fillings that had been in place for about twenty years.

What a difference between the white and silver fillings! Four white fillings of various size were used in these restorations. These fillings actually help preserve tooth structure, compared to other restorative options, and will last for many years.

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